Founded in 1912

Grand Lodge “Occidental Mexicana” of the State of Jalisco

Perfection of its members through the construction of a symbolic temple dedicated to virtue
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Freemasonry is a universal, initiatory, philosophical and ethical Institution, made up of free-spirited people who work for the good of Humanity. Its fundamental structure is based on a traditional and symbolic educational system that is carried out through a process of personal improvement. It invites you to address for yourself the fundamental questions of existence, in harmony with nature and the society of which each Freemason is a part.

Sobre los Principios Masónicos

Universal institution

Freemasonry is a universal Institution, essentially ethical, philosophical and initiatory, whose fundamental structure is constituted by an educational, traditional and symbolic system.

Fraternity as the center of Union

Founded on the feeling of Fraternity, it is the center of union for free-spirited men of all races, nationalities and creeds.

Freedom, Equality and Fraternity

It supports the postulates of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and, consequently, advocates social justice and combats privileges and intolerance.

Free thinkers

Freemasons respect the opinion of others and defend freedom of expression.

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Health, Strength and Union